ParlayPlus® Responsible Gambling Statement


For the majority of people, gambling is an enjoyable leisure and entertainment activity. However, for some, gambling can have negative impacts leading to what we call problem gambling. As a result, has developed a policy, which is set to assist players and minimize issues which may arise as a biproduct of gambling.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling can come in different forms and is relevant to each individual and to the broader community:

For individuals gambling in a responsible manner means that the individual has assessed the risk of losing their money and is gambling for pleasure and/or entertainment. For the individual in this case, gambling is under control and it is not out of balance with their other interests and not causing other problems for them.

For the broader community, including the sporting associations, gambling providers and governments there needs to be greater awareness of gambling risks, encouraging responsible gambling and minimise problem gambling and being responsive when concerns are raised about problem gambling.

Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is when responsible gambling changes from an activity where the risk is assessed, the reason for doing it is entertainment and there is a normal life balance in place to where there is an urge to continuously gamble despite harmful negative consequences to personal/family/work life or a desire to stop. 

Problem gambling can lead to mental health problems, family conflict, employment issues and possible negative legal ramifications.

Promoting Responsible Gambling encourages players to consider the impact of gambling on their lives and on the lives of the people around them. We want you to have fun but not at the expense of losing what is most important to you. We encourage players to accept that betting responsibly is the player's responsibility and they should seek help if they are having any problems aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Promote responsible gambling;
  2. Create greater awareness of the risks involved with gambling;
  3. Discourage problem gambling;


It is highly recommended to download filters to ensure your children don't get unwanted advertising or gambling links:

Where to get help

The following organisation may be able to assist: